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Have you been charged with assault in Kalkaska County or elsewhere in Northern Michigan? We have extensive experience litigating assault crimes in all counties in the northwestern lower peninsula. Whether you were attacked in a barroom, are being accused of assaulting a spouse or family member or are being investigated for assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder, our smart criminal defense approach can help you.

The many variations of assaultive criminal offenses in Michigan share a common element in that they all involve some kind of unwanted touching or act that places the alleged victim in a reasonable fear that the unwanted touching is imminent. Punching someone and raising a fist as if to punch someone, under certain circumstances, are both punishable as an assault in Michigan. The importance of the circumstances under which such acts occur cannot be overstated.

Many assaultive crimes are reported by a party after a mutual altercation has taken place. Oftentimes both parties share some of the blame for what happened. Perhaps even more often, both parties have consumed some sort of intoxicant, like alcohol, or maybe something stronger. The responding officer(s)’ report and investigation are often incomplete. By carefully parsing out the details, undermining the alleged victims’ credibility, and finding the gaps in sloppy police work, the skilled attorneys at Mas/Stig-Nielsen can identify the missing components and help you tell the story of what really happened.

Let us defend you against your serious felony and misdemeanor assault charges in Traverse City Michigan areas. We will work with you to locate evidence and witnesses to show the jury the truth. We will consult with expert witnesses when necessary and use professional investigators to verify or discredit your accuser. We can show the jury and, if necessary, after a favorable plea reduction, a judge at sentencing, that you are more than just the name on the criminal complaint. Assaultive convictions can haunt you when seeking employment, housing, and education. Don’t leave your future to chance.  Call our office to find out more about how we can help you.


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