Case Results for Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers

Prior to founding Mas/Stig-Nielsen, we had the opportunity to work at another law firm where our hard work led to positive results for countless clients. Please remember that each case is fact specific and we cannot guarantee future results based on past successes.

A young man came to us having been charged with several drug offenses and possession of an unregistered gun. After carefully reviewing the discovery it was clear that the police violated our client’s constitutional rights in their execution of the search warrant. Betsy filed a motion to suppress based on the illegal search. The case was dismissed by the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office.

Our client was accused of sexually assaulting his step-daughters over the course of several years. He was charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, which is a life offense, as several counts of CSC third degree. We took the case over after the preliminary examination had already been run by another attorney. Frederik wrote and won a motion to quash. The case was remanded back to district court. After further negotiations with the Wexford Prosecuting Attorney the client plead guilty to a single high court misdemeanor.

Our client was charged with operating while intoxicated. We hired an expert who was able to explain to the jury a rising blood alcohol defense and our client was acquitted in Otsego county.

Our client was accused of indecent exposure by a co-worker. After many weeks of preparation, we went to trial. Betsy was able to show the jury, through effective cross-examination, that the accuser was not credible. Our client was acquitted in Grand Traverse County.

A young man was charged with discharging a firearm at an occupied dwelling, discharging a firearm from a vehicle, attempted home invasion, carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm which itself carries a mandatory two years in prison. We went to jury trial and Frederik was able to demonstrate to the jury how shoddy police work made it unclear whether our client or another person who was in the vehicle shot the gun. Our client was acquitted of all charges in Manistee County.

A client came to us seeking help for license reinstatement. She had tried time and again to get her license reinstated after she lost it due to two operating while intoxicated charges but had been unsuccessful. She finally decided to hire an attorney. Betsy was able to get her an ignition interlock and after one year of success, she was granted her full license.

Our client was charged with operating while under the influence of a controlled substance. Frederik wrote and argued a suppression motion before Kalkaska County district court judge. The motion exposed the weaknesses of the police officer’s investigation and how he failed to use scientifically credible methods of evaluating our clients driving ability. Because of the motion the prosecutor offered a plea reduction to improper transport. At the outset of the case the prosecutor said they would never make this offer!

Our client, a young man, was charged in Benzie County with criminal sexual conduct in the first and third degrees. First degree CSC is a life offense and carries lifetime electronic monitoring and sex offender registration. The district court judge bound the case over to circuit court after the preliminary examination. Using case law and applicable statutes Frederik was able to get the circuit court to quash the bind over and remand the case to district court. After the remand, our client was offered and accepted a single five-year felony for which he only served one year in jail.

Two clients were charged in the summer of 2019 with operating while intoxicated in Antrim County. By keeping apprised of a developing scandal within the Michigan State Police Department and their vendor, Datamaster DMT, Frederik and Betsy wrote and argued several motions challenging the reliability of the breath alcohol results. Through vigorous cross-examination of Michigan’s most highly praised breath testing expert, we were able to expose gaping holes in the government’s cases. Both clients received reckless driving resolutions.

Our client was charged with 60 counts of criminal sexual conduct in Otsego County. The news reported it was the biggest CSC case in the county’s history. The district court bound over on all charges. Frederik wrote and argued a successful motion to quash the bind over. The case was remanded to district court. The district court again erroneously bound over on all counts. Frederik filed another motion to quash as well as a motion to exclude the victim’s hearsay statements. After a year of contentious litigation, the prosecutor offered a single two-year count.

A client who came to us in Benzie County was being accused of resisting and obstructing a police officer. Our client was adamant that he was acting lawfully. We ran the preliminary examination and were able to demonstrate that our client was acting within his legal rights and the officer unlawfully detained him. The case was dismissed by the judge.

Our client was charged with domestic violence in Leelanau County. By educating the prosecutor about our client’s mental health history and ensuring our client received alcohol treatment as well as marriage counseling, we were able to get the domestic violence charge dismissed. Our client pled to a lesser charge, and after a delay of sentence and a short term of probation, was conviction free.


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