Theft, Larceny, Fraud & Embezzlement

Theft, Larceny, Fraud & Embezzlement

Financial crimes and other crimes involving theft and dishonesty can be painfully simple or extremely complex.  Have you ever gotten distracted and taken something that wasn’t yours but never with the intention of permanently depriving the shopkeeper of the item by not paying for it?  Or in a more serious and complex situation perhaps it’s been alleged that you were engaged in protracted fraudulent activity involving multiple shell companies, years of forged records and doctored receipts.  In either scenario the way in which your attorney approaches your case will have a great impact on the outcome.  

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At Mas/Stig-Nielsen we utilize smart criminal defense to achieve the best possible result for you based on the situation.  If your activity is more akin to what is known in Benzie County as retail fraud, you need someone in your corner to help coordinate not only a plea reduction but also one that includes letters from your friends and employer to help the judge better understand your mistake and how or why it happened.  Life can be tough and confusing and sometimes we don’t understand our own actions at a given time.

The more complex matters in this realm such as fraud, embezzlement by a trustee and vulnerable adult crimes in which you’re accused of abusing your position for your own financial gain as well as those alleging criminal enterprise or other ‘grander’ schemes, require in depth analysis and organization of all the evidence that negates the criminal aspects of the accusations against you.  Oftentimes the authorities do not understand why you, the trustee, guardian or caregiver acted the way that you did or spent the money that you did, simply because they don’t understand what it takes to fulfill your duties.  You need attorneys that can help you set the record straight and defend your actions.  

At Mas/Stig-Nielsen we have seen it all and then some.  We’ve seen families depleted by overseas schemers that convinced happily married women to steal from everyone they knew, we’ve seen business owners with such unskilled accounting practices that the government thought them to be criminal masterminds, and we’ve seen everything in between.  Let us help you find the truth in your financial crime case, be it through trial or treatment, so that you are able to move forward in your life.


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